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Give 15% off
& get 15% off

If you refer a friend to our services and they become either a one-time or recurring customer, you will receive a 15% discount on your next cleaning. Additionally, your friend will also receive a 15% discount if they sign up for a recurring service.


Don't miss out on this special offer - take advantage of it today!

Tell your Friends about Annie Cleaning Services

You just need to let us know your friend's name, email and phone number.

Your friends get 15% OFF when they become Annie Cleaning Services customers and hire a recurring cleaning service

We'll get in touch with your friends and let them know the discount they've earned!

You get 15% OFF with each Friend that hire us

You will receive the discount for every friend you refer and hire us! Isn't this crazy?

*Services must be purchased within 3 months of the referral date for you to qualify for the referral reward. 

*Your referred friends are limited to only one 15% discount for being referred by you, but you can refer as many friends as you'd like, rack up your referral credits and use them towards future cleanings.

* The discount for your friend will only be valid if they hire a recurring cleaning service, it is not valid for just one cleaning.

Sanitizing Surfaces
Let's Get Started

Thanks for refering a Friend!

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