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How to clean a Bathroom? We have some tips!

Today we're going to talk about how to properly clean a bathroom, one of the most delicate places that gets dirty most often.

Learning how to clean the bathroom will make your life easier and make the sanitizing process much faster. After all, as it's a small environment, it's possible to keep the space totally clean, free from bacteria and germs with just a few tricks.

First, you need to carefully clean the toilet. We have listed 5 steps for cleaning dirty toilet bowls to remove toilet rings, stains, and funky smells:

1. Apply toilet cleaner. Begin by applying toilet cleaner to the bowl and allow it to soak. Swish the cleaner around the bowl with a brush.

2. Spray and wipe the exterior. While the cleaner soaks in, spray the exterior of the toilet with an all-purpose disinfectant.

3. Scrub the exterior. Next, use a scrub sponge to clean the exterior of the toilet. Pay attention to the base and floor around the toilet while you’re there. If you have a modern toilet with a quick-disconnect toilet seat, remove the seat and clean it separately.

4. Remove stains in the toilet bowl. Once the exterior is clean, use a toilet brush to clean the bowl. If you have hard water rings or stains, use a pumice stone to remove these.

5. Scrub the underside of the rim. Do you know the area underneath the rim where water pours out? Since this is out of sight, many people don’t scrub it. Don’t ignore this area! Use your brush or sponge to clean the underside of the rim.

The bowl and exterior should be wiped down twice a week, while a more thorough cleaning, following the above steps, only needs to be done once a week. Regular toilet cleaning eliminates harmful bacteria and ugly mineral buildup.

Don’t forget about the water tank!

Remove the lid and peek inside. If you see any mineral buildup or crud, pour four cups of vinegar into the tank. Allow this to soak for up to an hour. Next, turn the water off to your toilet and flush the toilet. This will drain the tank. Use a sponge or toilet brush to scrub the tank walls while the tank is empty. Turn the water back on, allow the tank to fill, and flush the toilet several times to rinse out the tank.

What about the windows and the shower stall? The windows and especially the shower stall accumulate a lot of grease, so they need to be cleaned often too.

You can take advantage of the bathing moment to splash hot soapy water, quickly wiping with a sponge so that the accumulation of dirt comes off more easily.

Lighter cleaning should be done every day. However, at least once a week, it is important and recommended to wash the entire bathroom with soap and water, and then finish with disinfectant.

If you would rather spend your precious free time outside of the bathroom, we understand.

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